Enjoying Some Strawberries

This year has not been so great for the garden.  Unfortunately the weather has been less than optimal for the plants to grow well, and my garden looks pretty sad.

The only real highlight that I have to report is regarding the strawberries in my yard.  While I thought that I wouldn’t even have any fruit from the plants this year, it seems I was wrong.

I was greeted with this lovely creation this morning:


We’ll have to see how many of these will grow, but I have hope – I might be able to make some strawberry jam yet this year.

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Angry Over my Broken Laptop

broken laptop

Here is a sad picture of my laptop.  It had an unfortunate accident when it fell off of the picnic table that I was working on down to the cement patio.  While I would have loved it if it had just bounced off without any damage, I wasn’t so lucky.

The screen is basically screwed.

Of course the timing coincides with my car being on the fritz, so I am going to have to rely on the computer down at the library for about a week so that I can continue to blog.

I might just have to give it a break for a week or two.

So, if you are thinking about taking your laptop outside for a little work, be careful – cement patios are not kind to laptop screens.

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I Love the Dead Island 2 Trailer

As many of my friends know, I spend hundreds of hours playing the original Dead Island.  I am a bit of a zombie nut, and it was really the first game that I found fun and challenging in the zombie genre.  While I used to love the Resident Evil series of games, I really feel that they have gone too far from their origins, and I am not really into them as much as I used to be.

But when I saw the following trailer:

I was pretty stoked – I hadn’t even realized that they were working on a sequel to the game.

While there doesn’t seem to be a release date yet, I am looking forward to it.  I might have to buy Dying Light early next January to keep myself entertained until Dead Island 2 comes out.

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